Инструкция Samsung — UE37ES5500P (2.17 mb)

Инструкция Samsung — UE37ES5500P (2.17 mb)

Инструкция по эксплуатации Samsung, модель UE37ES5500P

Производитель: Samsung
Размер: 2.17 mb
Название файла:
Язык инструкции: ru, en, es, de, uk

Фрагмент инструкции

To use the Link to other accounts function, follow these steps: 1. In the Account Manager menu, select the Link to other accounts. The Link to other accounts window appears. 2. Select an application you want to associate with your Samsung Account. 3. In the pop-up that appears, select Register. 4. In the Link to other accounts entry screen, enter your site ID and password using your remote. When done, select OK. N This is the ID and password you normally use to access your account on this application. 5. If you have entered the ID and password correctly, the Registered successfully. message appears. 6. If want to add another service application, and then repeat Steps 2 through 4 to associate another service application. 7. When done, select OK. Remove from TV account list: Cancels all the currently registered Service Accounts that appear on the Register service account screen. Deactivate account: Deactivates your Samsung Account and deletes it and all your account settings entirely from the Smart Hub. . Service Manager Auto Ticker: You can set Auto Ticker to come on when the TV powers. N The Ticker application provides useful News, Weather, and Stock Market information. Before you can set the Auto Ticker on, you must download the Ticker application into Smart Hub. N Depending on your country, the Ticker application may have a different service or not be supported. Push Notification Settings: When on, Push Notification that displays a notification message when an event takes place in an application installed on Smart Hub. The TV will display the notification message and allow you to view details of the event even while you are viewing TV. . Reset The Reset function initializes all downloaded applications, erases all user accounts and settings from the TV, and resets all Smart Hub settings to the factory default settings. It then restarts Smart Hub as if it were starting for the first time. Your account, however, remains on the Smart Hub server. To log into your account, enter your ID and password on the Login screen. To use the Reset function, follow these steps: 1. In the Settings menu, select Reset. The Reset screen appears. 2. Enter security PIN using your remote. 3. After a few moments, Smart Hub automatically resets. The screen may go black, and then Smart Hub reappears. In a few moments, it starts the re-initialization procedure. 4. To complete the re-initialization, go to Step 2 in To start Smart Hub for the first time, follow these steps: section of this manual. . About Smart Hub The About Smart Hub menu contains functions that display information about Smart Hub. More: Lists information about Smart Hub including version number, the number of services installed, memory usage, and the unique product ID. Terms of Service Agreement: Display the Terms of Service Agreement. Using Samsung Apps Samsung Apps ™ Samsung Apps N Depending on the version of an application, the instructions may differ. In this case, please follow the instructions on…

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